Shea for harmattan

It’s the harmattan season, the dusty dry days and the chilly cold nights. Harmattan seasons could be enjoyable for all but, our bodies surely live to tell the story. No one loves it’s annoying cold tans that leaves the skin white, flakes and dry or its effects on the feet leaving the soles dry with cracks. Creams are not just enough to wear all this away. How we have to battle to keep our dry cracked lips soft and moisturized. *sigh*
Ladies won’t stop complaining about hair breakage. It’s exposure to this dry weather contributes to the unhealthy state of the hair throughout the year. The dry season strips hair of moisture leaving it very weak, dry and brittle. You shouldn’t be surprised why it won’t stop breaking.
Shea Butter is the best thing that can happen to you in the harmattan. It contains moisturizers that are same with the one ones produced in the sebaceous glands. It also allows skill collagen production which protects and nourishes skin from dryness or flakes leaving it soft, reducing wrinkles.
Scared of its district nutty smell?  Don’t you worry, the smell disappears when applied using considerable amounts. Better still, mixing it with your body Cream is excellent. It leaves the skin moisturized all day. Shea contains vitamin e and cinnamic acid that combats wrinkles, aging effects and inflammation. Get rid of dry cracked soles and lips using Shea Butter.
Ladies need to keep their hair moisturized during the dry season. Daily application of Shea is encouraged. You will definitely see the difference. It gives the hair luster and shine while conditioning it and keeping it moisturized. You are sure to have a dandruff free hair. Ladies are advised not to wash their hair to often this period because, it will strip hair off moisture and the dry weather makes it worse. Shea Butter retains texture and strength for the hair. The gentlemen are not exempted from its use.
It is important to note that the raw, unrefined, unadulterated, Shea Butter alone has this benefits. Anything less or refined is not as effective and will not give same result. Ultimately, a waste of money.
A trusted and reliable group of researchers wrote an article describing that the Shea nut(source of Shea Butter) appears safe allergies studies. It is made up of healthy beneficial fats and very long little protein.
Those with allergies generally to nut and latex( rubber) should stay off Shea Butter.
Shea can be gotten from trusted local and online stores.
Enjoy the weather and have a beautiful Shea harmattan season!
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Shea butter

  1. shea bIntroducton

The Shea butter and her tree, the ‘tree of life’ goes down memory lane even to the origin of man itself.

The Mangifolia or karite tree (another name for Shea butter tree) is indigenous to Africa, grows in the savannah and yield nuts as fruits. Shea butter is produced from the nuts, it is cream coloured with a distinct nutty smell.

Butter extraction

The outer pulp of the nuts is removed and dried

The nuts are crushed with mortal and pestle

The crushed nuts are then roasted in huge pots

The roasted nuts are grounded to a smoother paste

The paste is kneaded by hand to separate the oils

Shea butter is then separated from top of pot


Unsaturated fatty acids

Vitamin A

Vitamin E

Omega 3 and Omega 6

Cinnamic acid




Shea butter can be used to treat infections like




Diaper rash

Shea butter is effective for treating sun burns

Shea butter heals cuts and sores

It has powerful antimicrobial, antiinflammatory and antiviral properties


Shea butter heals blemishes

Prevents wrinkles

It acts as a skin toner

It moisturizes the skin; excellent for rough and dry skin

Excellent for massages

Contents in anti aging soaps and creams

It is a good hair conditioner and moisturizer

Shea butter provides a valuable source of medicine and its considerable health and beauty benefits is just being recognized. Shea is beautiful!

What is 100 percent natural any ways?

We live in the 21st century and as the earth revolve so, have we evolved all in the name to meet our three basic needs. From the dark ages to this present age, life as revealed itself more complex than it seemed. The Inclusion of technology as its aim to make life easier and goal more achievable has, created a negative bounce back on our health. As the advancements proceeds, the life span of the average human species depreciate. Affecting the humans that created it, the humans that brought it upon themselves.

Mother nature remains good to us still, providing our three basic needs regardless of evolution or technological advancements. We have come to recognize the huge health benefits in natural produce. A health sources Pack, the root of good living and well-being.

Finally you ask. Who will lead the human species to this promise land? Who will wipe away the effect of the use of refined products?

100 percent natural brings about the knowledge about mother nature and her all round benefits. The goodness of natural and organic produce can never be over emphasized. This source of health is as gold and should be embraced. Health they say is wealth and natural and organic living I say is health!